We're so grateful to everyone who came to show their support at Cycle For Charity! You made our first fundraiser a success, and together we are leveling the playing field!

Thank you for supporting Get In The Game and Cycle For Charity!















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Our Mission:

To provide a level playing field for all kids by removing financial barriers.

Get In The Game is a youth program under the Ryan J. Poe Foundation that aims to give underprivileged and at-risk kids the ability to participate in sports by covering the cost of registration, uniforms and equipment.

We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to benefit from playing team sports.

The annual survey by Sports and Fitness Industry Association in 2015 found only 38% of kids from homes with $25,000 or less in income played team sports, compared to 67% of kids from $100,000+ income homes.

Sports participation benefits children by building confidence and self-esteem, providing consistent exercise, developing relationships and camaraderie, contributing to stronger academics, teaching respect for authority, encouraging family involvement, developing communication skills, developing critical thinking, teaching kids how to deal with winning and losing, and reducing the risk of academic failure, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse.

Meet the Team

Theresa Poe


Samantha Poe

Media Manager